How to balance your life

Although there is a clear distinction between a ‘body’ and a ‘mind’, the two should not be thought of as separate. Your body and mind are interconnected. Mental health problems affect physical health and vice versa. That’s why it is important to maintain a healthy balance between your body and mind. Many people struggle with this because of the demands of their busy lifestyle. They often have to fight tiredness on a daily basis and don’t manage or don’t know how to recover their energy. This leads to a situation in which they can’t enjoy their lives anymore. However, this can be fixed.


There are some simple steps you can take to be able to achieve overall wellness.

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Sleep more.

Your body needs sleep to recharge. If you struggle with insomnia you should keep regular hours of going to sleep and getting up. Your bedroom should be dark and quiet and should be used only for sleeping (no more scrolling through your phone or watching TV). Also it is recommended to avoid caffeine before going to sleep. Alcoholic beverages before bedtime can also alter your sleep patterns and increase fatigue symptoms. Sleep can help your brain function properly and can improve your mental abilities: focus and concentration. So if you want to wake up each morning ready for the day’s challenges, you should consider getting quality sleep.

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Avoid stress.

It is easier said than done but you can start by identifying the cause and then trying to find a solution. For example if it is work, you can see how things can be changed. Don’t hesitate to talk to your supervisor about your schedules or the organization of your work. Maybe you should even consider a change and find a career path that is more meaningful to you. It is also important to be able to disconnect from work in your free time and find ways to relax.

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Exercise more.

Exercise is important for heart health, physical stamina and mood. Even 15 minutes of activity every day can improve your health and contentment. If you struggle with finding time for an exercise, maybe you can consider cycling to work or going for a walk on your lunch break. One of the exercises that helps in balancing body and mind is tai chi. In this exercise you move gently through a series of poses.

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Spend more time outdoors.

Being too much indoors without seeing sunlight might lead to a state of lethargy. Your body needs vitamin D and the sun is the best source of it. Just breathing fresh air can help you recharge your energy and feel better altogether.

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Follow a healthy and balanced diet.

A balanced diet should include healthy amounts of proteins, essential fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Some people struggle to control their diet. Unhealthy choices like fast food, soda, alcohol and sugar-based snacks can encourage tiredness and might lead to physical conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Also, sometimes it might be difficult to provide your body with enough vitamins and minerals. During winter season there is less availability of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some foods have less vitamins and minerals than others. So if you don’t cope well with balancing your diet, you are worried that you don’t provide your body with enough nutrients or you lack strength to tackle the demands of everyday life, the multivitamin Supradyn can refill your vitamins and minerals deficits and boost your strength and energy.

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Be good to yourself and others.

In the constant run of everyday life you often forget about what is important for you, what makes you happy and if others are happy with you. It is important to slow down, rethink your priorities and find time to relax. Revalue your life, focus on your purpose and soon you will discover the balance coming back.

Many people also struggle with balancing their work and family lives. This is especially true for working mothers who often blame themselves for making that choice. The benefits of working like having more money and social life can often be overshadowed by the feelings of guilt that you are not there for your family. You are also probably often too tired to enjoy your social life and you are overwhelmed with too much work. So is there a golden solution that would help you to be pleased that you work but on the other hand don’t feel guilty? Check out these tips and see how they would work for you:

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Plan special family activities.

You can try and schedule once or twice a week an afternoon/ evening which will be dedicated only to a family time. It doesn’t have to be anything special, it can be just working on a jigsaw puzzle going for a walk or playing a board game. The most important thing is that your children and your partner will know you are there for them and that it is their time only. The great bonding idea would be eating dinner together. During that time everyone can share what they were doing that day.

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Organise family calendar.

You can use a board or mobile devices and sync the calendars of each family member. Dedicate an hour on the weekend to plan your next week, ask everyone what their plans are, if there are any extra activities/events and schedule them in. That way you will not only be prepared for what is happening but also avoid surprises. It will save you time and improve efficiency in your home.

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Communicate with your employer.

If you struggle with your workload maybe you could change some working arrangements. Find out what benefits other employees with children have and try to negotiate something for yourself too. It could be going part-time, working some days from home or working flexible hours around childcare.

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Find reliable childcare.

You will have a peace of mind if you know that your child is looked after by someone experienced and trustworthy.

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Create some moments for yourself.

You will be a better partner, a parent and an employee if you feel good about yourself. Nothing can improve your mood better than some me time: a relaxing bath, interesting book, or taking up a hobby.

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Spend time with your partner.

In your busy life it’s easy to neglect your partner. You end up only talking about the children and work and forget about the things you enjoyed doing together. To keep the romance going, try to schedule a date once a month and focus on enjoying each other’s company.

Many people crave a balanced life when you have time for your mental and physical development but also can spend quality time as a family despite having to work. Organizing your life a bit better around your and your family needs can help you achieve this. Supradyn Energy powder sticks can also be a great solution to your problem. The especially designed formula of 13 vitamins and 9 minerals works great as energy booster but also helps reclaim your strength. Thanks to it you can enjoy a healthy mind and body and share your strength with others.