Concentration – is this your problem?

Many people complain about an inability to concentrate. It affects people of different age, children, adults, seniors and can show itself through many symptoms like performing poorly at school, inefficiency at work or forgetfulness. In most cases the causes of a lack of concentration are lifestyle-related and can be fixed by introducing some changes. However, poor concentration can be also a result of a chronic condition and in that case the medical treatment is necessary.

Concentration is an ability to efficiently focus your attention on a task. If the environmental conditions are favourable and with a bit of a practice, you should be able to block out all distractions and focus on whatever needs to be done. When your concentration is at the highest level, you can work easier, faster and better. However, if you find that small disruptions like background noises or your thoughts stop you from getting things done, this can mean that you have a problem with concentration.

There are numerous explanations for why you can struggle with concentration.

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Lack of sleep.

Your brain needs a rest to be able to function properly. Sleeping too little can lead to poor concentration.

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Emotional stress and anxiety.

If you worry too much about something, then it is harder for you to focus on the tasks that need to be done.

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Hunger and poor diet.

It is difficult to concentrate with an empty tummy. Your body needs food and nutrients to produce energy. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals can also affect how your brain works.

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Medications and drugs.

Problems with concentration can be a side effect of some medications. Also some drugs can have an effect on your cognitive function.

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Environment you are in.

People as well as objects surrounding you can play a role in how well you are able to concentrate.

If you are not sure if you suffer from lack of concentration, these are common symptoms that will help you to recognise it:

  • inability to finish tasks,
  • forgetfulness,
  • being easily distracted,
  • difficulty sitting still,
  • inability to make decisions,
  • making careless mistakes,
  • frequently losing things or an inability to remember where things are.

If a lack of concentration persists, it can really disrupt your life, bring chaos and cause problems in your daily duties. In your workplace you can find that you cannot perform your job as well as you used to. Outside work, you can miss meetings and appointments. Lack of concentration behind the wheel can lead to a dangerous collision. Your family can suffer because you forget about special anniversaries or you won’t be able to make decisions. Even though you might think you know the cause for your lack of concentration, it is sometimes better to have it checked. In some cases the problem might be more serious and might be caused by a certain medical condition.

How to deal with concentration problems?

If your lack of concentration is lifestyle-related, you can quickly and efficiently improve it by changing a few things:

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Create a distraction-free environment.

Try to get rid of things that distract you so you can better focus on your tasks.

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Get enough sleep.

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Eat nutritious foods.

Your brain needs certain vitamins and minerals to perform well. The B vitamins are well known for improving energy, focus and alertness. If you provide your body with enough B vitamins, you will have better cognitive capabilities such as better concentration and improved memory. People with deficiency in B vitamins demonstrated to have slower learning abilities and are more prone to distractions.*1 If you are unable to provide your body with sufficient nutrients, a multivitamin like Supradyn can help improve your concentration and alertness.2 Supradyn acts as an alternate source of vitamins and minerals which are not available in the food items being consumed. Supradyn Energy powder sticks provide a fast, sustained action against tiredness. It is an orange flavoured formula that dissolves easily on the tongue. It can be taken daily and can instantly enhance your alertness and concentration levels.

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Allow yourself some breaks.

Some tasks may seem boring and repetitive that’s why the concentration levels can drop after spending too much doing them. Having a break can refresh your mind.

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Connect with nature.

Many distractions of city life don’t allow your brain to slow down. Having a walk in a green area can help your brain to relax which in turn can lead to improved concentration.

Lack of concentration is a commonly known problem. People suffer from it, because of an unhealthy lifestyle, or stress , however some might have an underlying medical condition. Taking multivitamin supplement Supradyn can help boost your focus and concentration to the optimal level.


2 Kennedy DO, Stevenson EJ, Jackson PA, et al. Multivitamins and minerals modulate whole-body energy metabolism and cerebral blood-flow during cognitive task performance: A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2016;13:11.